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Oeko-Tex® Certification


Arjowiggins Graphic takes the Health and Safety of its employees and customers very seriously. The production sites manufacturing transfer papers are certified ISO 18001, and product safety is a key consideration within all product and process development projects.

Papers for transfer applications have the dual responsibility of minimum EHS impact on

a) the finished printed textile (after the printed image has been transferred from the printed papersurface

b) on the paper itself.

In order to satisfy these objectives, all our transfer papers (T105, T75, HS90, X90, WB105) have been independently certified (*1) to give zero release of hazardous chemicals during the transfer process.

All these papers, when used with OEKO-TEX® approved inks and fabrics, are therefore guaranteed to have no negative impact on the potential OEKO-TEX® certification of the final garment.

In addition, X90 and HS90 paper have been certified OEKO-TEX® (standard 100 - class1- certificate n° CQ 1089/2) compliant and ALL our transfer papers are guaranteed to be free of hazardous substances including phthalates and those detailed in REACH article 33 (*2), Toys certification EN71-3 (heavy metals) and Toys certification EN71-9 (colorants, primary aromatic amines, formaldehyde).

(*1) IFTH laboratories in Lyon. OekoTex standard 100 - class 1

(*2) the certification for compliance for REACH article 33 (1), which requires manufactures and distributers of articles (paper) to inform their customers if an article contains more than 0,1% (1000ppm) weight by weight (w/w) of any Candidate List Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC), applies for each revision of the candidate list unless otherwise notified.